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What Is A Soundstage?

The Right Choice For Filmmakers & Photographers

What is a soundstage? You may think of it as simply an indoor place to film or take photos, and from a very basic perspective, that is true.

However, its purpose and function actually goes deeper than that. A soundstage is a place built very specifically to meet those needs, so it’s much more than a large empty space. Consider the following you’ll find in a soundstage:

  • Soundproofing: Soundstages are soundproofed so that audio and dialogue can be cleanly captured without audio bleeding in from external sources.
  • Space: Stage space is the second part of the equation. Soundstages will come in various sizes, but they should all be large enough to comfortably accommodate equipment, crew, and talent.
  • Lighting: Good soundstages come loaded with lighting options, from pre-lit lighting grids to available on-site lights and filters for customers to use.
  • Electrical & Wiring: Equipment needs to be plugged in. Good soundstages are smartly designed with electrical outlets and video feed wiring made easily accessible so gaffers can quickly and efficiently do their jobs.

Soundstages in Action

Three recent Meets the Eye Studios customers have made the most out of the two large soundstages in the facility. Electronics giant LG shot a number of promotional photos transforming the Studio A green screen soundstage into a sleek futuristic kitchen.

Werehaus, a commercial production company, used Studio B to build an office set for a commercial featuring Campaign Monitor, a software application. You can’t tell from the final product, but the soundstage set seamlessly presented a modern office environment with effective lighting for the commercial’s spokesperson.

Finally, production company Little Moving Pictures was hired for a music video. The project involved an arena brawl and pro wrestlers, and through smart use of green screen, props, and lighting, it all came together beautifully. “Like all studios, you can turn them into whatever you want, but this studio, with all of the power, all of the stuff in the closets, the grid,” says Jeremy Summer of Little Moving Pictures. “We were able to turn a blank green room into effectively a wrestling stadium today, which is pretty awesome.”

Tour Our Soundstages Today

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