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Video and Photo Production Gear Rental in South Bay

Get The Equipment You Need, When You Need It

At Meets the Eye Studios, we say that we’re the studio for filmmakers, by filmmakers. That means understanding the unique needs of a production, including the fact that they may need extra equipment in a pinch. Fortunately, we’ve designed the amenities at Meets the Eye to be proactive when it comes to production issues, and that means having an accessible library of equipment (some at a nominal fee) already on site. Think of us as your studio with rental equipment.

Available Gear For Rent

Meets the Eye’s Studio has two studios for productions to rent. Studio A is a pre-lit soundstage, and the smaller Studio B (like A) is pre-wired for video networking. However, if your production team needs to supplement the existing setup with additional equipment, we offer a wide range of rental gear. This includes items such as additional lights, camera lenses, cameras optimized for greenscreen use, tripods and heads, networking cables and much more. All of this equipment is accessible by any Meets the Eye client for a nominal fee.

If you have an emergency situation where you need a specific piece of equipment that’s not on the standard Meets the Eye list, we may still be able to help you out. Simply contact us as soon as you know your need and we’ll see if we can fulfill it and have it ready by the time production starts.

This is all in addition to the standard equipment that is accessible to every Meets the Eye Studios client:

  • 14 pre-hung and cabled 2K spacelights
  • Socapex distro for the pre-lit cove
  • Blackout skirts
  • Gel frames for spacelights
  • 1 – 6′ and 1 – 8′ step ladder
  • Basic power/video distribution
  • 11 folding tables
  • 26 folding chairs
  • 2 tall Hollywood director’s chairs
  • Stage manager

Connect With The Professionals You Need

The team behind Meets the Eye has a long history with the Bay Area filmmaking community. Because of that, we know many of the professionals and their particular specialties, giving our clients an instant network of referrals for gaffers, stunt performers, and other industry professionals. As we’ve personally worked with them on a variety of projects, we can attest to their quality – we wouldn’t refer anyone that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Much More Than Just A Studio

From our available equipment to our network of resources, Meets the Eye Studios is much more than a shooting space; it’s truly a hub for the entire Bay Area filmmaking community. Learn more by scheduling a tour today; you’ll see for yourself why independent filmmakers and commercial productions alike choose Meets the Eye Studios. Click to arrange a no obligation studio tour now.