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How We Help Casting Directors Get the Job Done

Supporting All Steps of The Audition Process

When casting directors contact the Meets the Eye Studios team, they’re usually inquiring about space availability for holding auditions. We tell them that that’s certainly a possibility, but that Meets the Eye can offer much more to make their lives easier.

We understand the ins and outs of the casting process. At Meets the Eye Studios, our facility was designed to accommodate all aspects of production. For casting in particular, that means supporting casting directors by giving them space for auditions, meetings, and discussion. It also means giving clients, talent, and crew what they need: live video feeds, network access, a comfortable green room, commercial-quality kitchens, and much more. Here’s why Meets the Eye is the perfect fit for casting directors:


Approximately halfway between San Francisco and San Jose, Meets the Eye’s convenient location makes it easily accessible to Bay Area talent, regardless of where they’re coming from. It’s simply an ideal place for a casting director to handle auditions. In addition, Meets the Eye is within easy driving distance of all of the Bay Area’s major airports: SFO (12 miles), SJC (22 miles), and OAK (27 miles). This means that out-of-town talent can come in for auditions and screen tests without any major travel headaches.


Casting directors can choose from two spacious sound stages for auditions. Both Studio A and Studio B have quiet HVAC systems. In addition, Studio A features one of the Bay Area’s largest greenscreen coves for screen tests. Auditions can also take place in more intimate settings, with office space and a conference room available for use by casting directors.


Some projects require discretion for their product, subject, or backer even during the casting process. Meets the Eye Studios makes this possible with live video feeds via a fully integrated HD-SDI network in all offices/conference rooms. Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking are also available to ensure all stakeholders can stay in touch with the casting director.


Meets the Eye’s immaculate facility features private offices and a large conference room so casting directors can stay on top of their responsibilities in between auditions. Other office amenities include printing, Wi-Fi/Ethernet networking, and a large green room for auditioning talent.


Meets the Eye is designed to make casting logistics easier so casting directors can focus on their job. The immaculate, large facility features free parking and a spacious green room with sofas and recliners to keep talent comfortable. Productions have access to two kitchen areas and cafe-style seating for lunch/dinner breaks, along with facility-wide Internet access and comfortable furniture.

Simplifying The Casting Process

At other facilities, casting calls can mean long hours in stuffy rooms while auditioning talent come and go. At Meets the Eye Studios, our spacious facility and many amenities are designed to simplify each step of that process. If you’re a casting director looking for an all-in-one location — or you simply can’t use your office — contact Meets the Eye. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions or set up a tour of our facility.