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Photography Studios In The Bay Area

Take Advantage Of Photographing in a Bay Area Studio

The Bay Area offers a wide range of great photography locations, but sometimes a studio provides a better environment. Of course, the Bay Area’s signature locations

— the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Stanford’s clock tower, etc. — are unique and one-of-a-kind backdrops. You’re not always going to use those iconic locations, and in those instances, shooting in a studio or a soundstage may be the better choice than outdoors or trying to get an indoor location to conform to what you want. Here are four great benefits of photographing in a Bay Area studio:

Benefit #1: Use Studios For the Perfect Look

Even if you get to photograph at an iconic Bay Area location, the only variables you’ll be able to truly control are the model and your equipment. You won’t be able to maximize every single little detail, but in some cases, you’ll need to exercise that level of control. Constraints such as time, weather, budget, or corporate oversight mean that variables have to be minimized. When working in a studio environment, you’ll be able to tweak everything, from the lighting to the sets to the makeup, without ever having to worry about things like random weather.

Benefit #2: Budget Constraints

Booking an outdoor location can be a costly endeavor, both directly and indirectly. Direct costs include the cost of the location and cost of permits. Indirect costs include transportation, power, additional setup time, additional per-hour cost involved with any overruns due to unforeseen variables (weather, traffic, etc.). In a studio, while there still could some unforeseen variables (power outage, late model, etc.), most of these items are far more constrained, which means that you’ll be able to get things done on budget — if not under. That’s ideal for any photo shoot, but particularly when you’re working for a production house or under a corporate contract.

Benefit #3: Security and Privacy

Depending on the subject of your photo shoot, there may be a lot of interested viewers. If it’s a corporate photo shoot, competitors and media may take it as a source of an information leak. For people, they may simply want their privacy. In a studio environment, you can maintain that, and even set up a non-disclosure agreement as necessary with the employees and any independent contractors you may hire for your shoot (wardrobe, catering, makeup etc.) We’ve got a good example at Meets the Eye — having been involved with some of Silicon Valley’s biggest launches, we’ve rented out the entire facility, including both soundstages, to the client, signed NDAs, and even blacked out windows to ensure discretion and confidentiality.

Benefit #4: Access to Technology

If you’re on location and your forget something — or get inspired to try something different — chances are you won’t be able to execute on site. With a studio, though, you’ve got an experienced staff available to help you out as needed. In many cases, that means a library of cables, lenses, lights, etc. to use to either fill in for forgotten equipment or when you get a brilliant idea. At Meets the Eye in particular, we offer a large catalog of gear for clients to use, and if we don’t have it on site, we try our best to procure it by the time you arrive.

A Bay Area Studio For Photography and Film

Meets the Eye Studios in San Carlos is the perfect choice for photographers and filmmakers all over the Bay Area and beyond. The video below gives even more details about the Meets the Eye experience:

Come see for yourself by booking a free tour of our immaculate facility, two large soundstages (including one of the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit green screens), commercial quality kitchen, plenty of free parking, and much more.