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Filmmaking in the Bay Area

Why Filmmakers Choose Meets The Eye Studios

Shoot Your Movie In Our Bay Area Studios

One of the most common questions we get from filmmakers (both San Francisco-based and outside the Bay Area) is “Can we shoot our film there?” Not just a greenscreen pickup or a few studio shots, but the entire movie — and our answer is usually yes. With two large soundstages, one of the Bay Area’s largest greenscreen coves, and a variety of spaces available for set dressing, we’re confident that Meets the Eye can deliver the goods for filmmakers.

And it’s not just about providing the facilities for shooting. Our goal is to make a filmmaker’s life easier, and that means amenities, equipment, and resources. Here’s how we help you get it done.

The Studios

The immaculately kept studios at Meets the Eye house some of the biggest indoor shooting spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both Studio A and Studio B come pre-lit with full lighting grids and large loading doors (11’ x12’) — gaffers are welcome to bring their gear to the stage. In addition, both have a quiet HVAC system to keep cast and crew comfortable during long shoots. Further equipment is available to use, such as a scissor lift, and rentable camera/lighting gear. “The Device” (directed by Rob Nilsson) was shot here, and Meets the Eye’s many options helped expedite and cut costs on the production.

Greenscreen Flexibility

“Don’t Give Up the Ghost” by Jean-Louis Milesi was shot here, and what’s notable about that film is that the outdoor Alcatraz shots were handled with our large pre-lit greenscreen cove (25’ x 53’) in the Studio A . Milesi shot the plates outdoors but greenscreen was used to place the actors in the background, saving on time, money, and logistics. Of course, this took some planning in advance, but Meets the Eye’s ample office space expedited the prep work to make it happen.

Other Shooting Spaces

Milesi used more than just the greenscreen here. Meets the Eye has a number of rooms of different sizes and shapes. Their standard purpose is to be an office, lounge, green room, conference room, etc. but all clients are free to utilize these as shooting spaces, including adding set dressing. In fact, with “Don’t Give Up the Ghost,” the film’s police station is actually a dressed-up version of the Meets the Eye conference room.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Meets the Eye is committed to giving filmmakers the best resources at their disposal. Part of that is providing access to cutting-edge equipment. Cables, additional lighting, cameras, and lenses are all available for use or rental. WiFi/wired networking as well as a fully integrated HD-SDI network ensure that cast and crew can stay connected and monitor live video feeds. The Meets the Eye management also provides referrals and local resources to aid filmmakers in getting their production ready to go.

For Filmmakers, By Filmmakers

Meets the Eye was founded on the simple principle that it was a facility built for filmmakers by filmmakers. All aspects were carefully designed with the filmmaker in mind. Our goal is to provide the resources and means so your focus is on your craft and your vision. We’re confident that our spacious studios and many amenities speak for themselves, but if you need to learn more, feel free to contact us with questions or to schedule a tour of the studios.