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Spacious Event Venue is Ideal Space For Event Planners

San Carlos Rental Facility

At Meets the Eye Studios, we’re often asked “What else can you handle besides film production?” After all, this is a large, well designed and clean facility with many state-of-the-art amenities. We usually respond by telling people that Meets the Eye Studios is a fantastic venue to hold large gatherings and events — and in particular, we’ll work with event planners on many details to help make their dinner, party, fundraiser, or occasion as unique as possible thanks to features only capable at a facility like Meets the Eye.

A Range of Spaces

Depending on your needs, Meets the Eye offers several options for the primary event area. Studio B is our large HVAC-equipped 40’x50’ soundstage capable of hosting a DJ or live band for a large group of guests. Wide loading doors allow event planners to bring in all manners of specialized decor, such as large set pieces. For a smaller, more intimate gathering, the Meets the Eye upstairs cafe offers spacious seating and a modern design aesthetic. Our well appointed green room  and spacious conference room can easily accommodate VIP’s and Talent.

All Your Catering Needs

Meets the Eye’s full-service commercial kitchen is ready for any event’s catering needs. Commercial-grade appliances, such as an LG Studio Series gas cooktop, Frigidaire professional microwaves, and an M3 Turbo Air refrigerator, combine with an ample work space and serving/prep tools to expedite caterer setup and food preparation. In addition, the space can be configured to accommodate buffet-style service.


A Professional Soundstage

As Meets the Eye Studios was built for filmmaking, different areas of the facility can be used for recording purposes. This is particularly effective for fundraising events: part of Studio B or office/conference space can be set up for filming testimonials and pledge challenges by guests and donors to thank and support your organization. This content can then be posted and shared via social media by both the donor and organization to raise awareness and funds.

Green Screen Fun

Few event facilities can offer the unique green screen cove in Meets the Eye’s Studio A. We make the green screen available to provide dynamic footage of a relevant theme or topic. Guests can place themselves in the “scene” while a live feed is streamed to monitors throughout the facility courtesy of the HD-SDI video network as well as full ethernet and wifi capabilities. If green isn’t your color, we can drape the cove, turning Studio A into an expansive event space in whatever style of decor matches your event.

An All-In-One Choice For Event Planners

From catering accommodations to immaculate and spacious event areas to one-of-a-kind green screen capability, Meets the Eye Studios gives event planners everything they need to craft a memorable, unique, and smooth-running occasion. Capable of hosting events for 200 people, we invite event planners to get in touch and tour the facility today. Whether it’s a corporate party, personal gathering, industry banquet, fundraiser, or even a wedding, we’re confident that you’ll find all the amenities necessary for an unforgettable event — and a few unique touches that you’ll only get with Meets the Eye Studios.