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The Choice For Corporate Video Productions

Real Stories From Corporate Clients

When we talk about Meets the Eye Studios being perfect for corporate productions, there are many reasons we cite: its proximity (nearly equidistant between all three major Bay Area airports and a short drive from Stanford University), its pre-lit green screen, its for-filmmakers-by-filmmakers approach. In many cases, we’ll work with a large corporation’s marketing department and shoot talking heads or product material here. However, there are other times when ad agencies, marketing departments, and marketing firms subcontract to independent production companies. We’re proud to say that even out-of-town production companies choose Meets the Eye Studios for their corporate production needs.

Case #1: Waypoint Films (Boulder, CO)

For example, Waypoint Films — based out of Boulder, Colorado — was hired by a Bay Area ad agency to do a one-day shoot. Founder Jed Mortenson used the in-house camera package to save himself time and effort on equipment. He found the pre-lit space and ready-to-go green cyc wall made setup faster and easier, saving on time and money. In short, it was a great and efficient experience. “Most of my shoots are small (one day), so not having to spend the time on a scissor lift to rig the space lights is a major time saver, and eliminates the need for a pre-light day in most cases,” says Mortenson — now a two-time Meets the Eye client.

Case #2: Already Alive (Brooklyn, NY)

Already Alive was in a similar situation as Waypoint — contracted by a Bay Area client for a corporate shoot. The Already Alive team took advantage of many different Meets the Eye Studios amenities to deliver on time and on budget, from the private, clean, and internet-ready client holding areas to the large shooting space. The Meets the Eye team went out of its way to be flexible and help Already Alive achieve their goals.”Logistics: we had a bunch of gear that needed to be shipped from the East coast, they received our gear ahead of the shoot for us,” says Noah Meisner of Already Alive. “They painted the floor for us and matched the color scheme we needed. They gave us a great deal on both studios and helped us to stay within our budget.”

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The Perfect Choice For Corporate Productions

So why do out-of-town production companies choose Meets the Eye Studios? Here’s what founder Marshall Spight thinks: “Meets the Eye is the perfect for your needs with two studios for your corporate video production. We’re conveniently located, we have professionally designed, professionally staffed facility with all the amenities….we thought of everything so you don’t have to.”

Whether you’re a local corporate marketing team or a production company that’s been sub-contracted out, we invite you to take a free tour of our video production studios at Meets the Eye Studios. From the immaculate facility and commercial-quality kitchen to the large shooting spaces and corporate-ready amenities, we’re confident we’ll deliver everything you need to achieve your corporate production goals.